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MEDIATECKBOARDS ® An ISO 9001-2015, UDAYAM (MSME), Import and Export 

MSME Award winner Year2018 

manufacturer and Exporter in large quantity supplies Fire Safety sign Fire evacuation Plan printed in glow in dark with Acrylic Sandwich ,led Sign With Battery back ( fire exit ,emergency exit )path way marking, Anit-skid tapes,

 branding sign boards and Advertising road side boards, led sign boards, led letters, Acrylic designer logos, logos out and indoor, Acrylic image, glow sign boards, lollipop outdoor boards, outdoor display boards, outdoor name boards,

 Eco-solvent prints with sun boards, Steel letter, logo itching works, Brass letter, logo itching works led massage moving display boards, floor wise display boards, High way sign, Retro reflective sign boards, building sign boards 

We make all Acrylic designing work and mounting with latest technology quality standard material durability, Acrylic imported with branded led modules More and more people are motivated and convinced to put their energies and resources to a productive use to generate revenue for the organization through planning and usage of these products. In other words to compete with the trends in the market, it is essential to work smarter for delivering on time service and customer satisfaction. 

OBJECTIVES Quality standard material durability Planning For Presentation and developing smart objectives. Achieve excellence in organization grooming, social grace and business etiquettes. Clear & Sharp Visibility – Optimum Eye Comfort Generated Scratch Resistant Easier for wall mounting & Safety Interactive Lecture Sessions with experts Group discussion, role-plays and simulation exercises

 FIRE SAFETY SIGNAGE Safety and security for all (such as property and humans life) Directional safe way indicator sign for quick exit, fire evacuation plan, fire exit sign, Emergency Exit, panic bar sign and safe point sign Fire Assembly Point Directional sign for fire equipment’s fire extinguisher, fire point, fire alarm, manual call point, fire pump room, fire hydrant hose reel, in case of fire break the glass In case of fire do not use lift sign Quality results are best as per our survey. Delivery on time guaranteed. A small sign indicate the way, path finder and equipment we are largest manufacturer supplier seller in fire sign boards for escape directions and fire equipment sign, fire evacuation plans for safety of people route for escape, public and private place, people are safely reach out of danger at Assembly point, 

Mediateckboards manufacturer of safety sign boards wholesale and retail, The fire safety signage are made of superior quality raw material and placed in various thermal plants, public and private as well as commercial places, The best way is to prepare to respond to an emergency before it happen An emergency plan cover designated action employers and employee must take to ensure employee safety from fire. Fire safety sign boards the most common safety sign, fire alarm, fire exit, fire extinguisher, emergency exit, fire point , panic bar sign, fire evacuation plan, and assembly point. Fire evacuation Emergency planning is a vital for safe. sign boards made with”Opaque” PVC 3MM foam board computer cut, PVC non-reflective self-adhesive vinyl painted, Dark in Glow , complete with mirror fasteners

We Do customized signage as per client Requirement
Our service is excellence Our customer are mainly Multi-national-companies , fire safety equipment dealer, Fire safety integrator, fire safety engineers, fire consultants, Government Sectors, private limited companies,
MSME Member of fire safety association of India